Montreal, February 24, 2024

At the invitation of the Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF), a large community convocation was held at the t Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization CIIC in Montreal Downtown, attended by representatives of the Quebec Muslim Community Consultative Table (QMCCT), Quebec, and other community leaders. The meeting witnessed a remarkable presence of youth activists. In addition to the participation of families whose children have been subjected to campaigns of intimidation and threats in recent times.

The opening speech was by Ms. Nermine Barbouch from FMC-CMF.  Followed by a welcoming word from Mr. Iyad Abu Hamed, Director of the Canadian Institute of Islamic Civilization CIIC.

Mr. Samer Majzoub, President of the FMC-CMF, in his discourse, referred to the periods that the FMC-CMF went through in raising and combating Islamophobia from 1994 to the present day. Mr. Nassim Boutalebi, Director of Public Relations and Communications at FMC-CMF, took over the coordination of the meeting, presenting the guest speaker, Mrs. Amira ElGhawaby, the Special Representative for Combating Islamophobia in Canada.

Mrs. ElGhawaby shed a detailed   job description of her post and the nature of the duties as a Special Representative appointed by the federal government to combat Islamophobia in Canada and her essential advisory role in this regard.

 An extensive discussion among the attendees took place about the dangerous developments and the sharp increase of the Islamophobic aggressions, threats, and intimidation campaigns that affected various segments of the society, including children in schools, other educational institutions and employees at work places.

There was a focus on the high cases of assaults on many citizens of Arab and Palestinian descent and other backgrounds of different races, religions and cultures due to their exercise of the right to freedom of expression in objecting to the war on Gaza.

The attendees highlight  a state of frustration and astonishment at the lack of serious official responses, at the federal and provincial levels, to the cases of intimidation and bigotry to which citizens are exposed to, according to some of the attendees. Furthermore, there was a strong belief that some political classes have contributed, directly or indirectly, to the rise in the atmosphere of Islamophobia in the country.

Addressing the said concerns, Mrs. ElGhawaby assured the representatives of conveying their  grievances  to Ottawa.

The convocation concluded by emphasizing  on the absolute rejection of all types of hatred in its various forms that people may be exposed to, regardless of their religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Furthermore, the delegates expressed the  need to work collectively with the society at large to reduce  societal tension that the country is facing and  on positive and effective dealing with challenges. 




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