Together, we build an actively engaged community in Quebec and Canadian society

Our Missions

  1. Build a thriving community actively engaged on a political, social and media level.
  2. Raise awareness of the importance of civic engagement and volunteering.
  3. Represent the common and collective interests of the Muslim community and all communities.
  4. Promote and protect the civil rights of the Muslim community in Quebec, in Canada and all communities.

Our Values

Civic engagement

The spirit of collaboration

Respect for the individual, the other and diversity

The promotion of the public good

With Your Help, We are Making a difference

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In partnership with the civic society, civil liberties associations, elected officials of all levels of government, public and media organizations and community groups and citizens, the FMC-CMF reaches its missions by:

1- Strengthening the sense of civic belonging. 
2- Recognizing the achievements, issues and challenges of our community in Quebec and in Canada. 
3- Promoting social harmony and diversity.
4- Respecting the rights and freedoms and diversity.


That allows the CMF to attain its mission and vision

That allows the CMF-FMC


whom collaborate with the CMF in different projects and activities

Canadian Provinces

CMF collaborates and supports different initiatives across Canada.


26 years of impact within communities

Forum musulman canadien

Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF)

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