Some of the media coverage for the FMC-CMF press conference held on Feb  20 2015
1-“Quebec Muslims face toxic sentiment- leader… “
2-Canadian Muslim Forum says community unfairly portrayed!

3-Quebec Muslims decry media, government bias


4-Are Muslims being used as ‘political footballs’ in Quebec?

5-Muslim group says community unfairly targeted
6-Les musulmans canadiens ne veulent pas être instrumentalisés
7-Les musulmans refusent d’être instrumentalisés, dit un groupe
8-Le Forum musulman affirme que les musulmans sont instrumentalisés
9-Forum canadien musulman:Les musulmans injustement ciblés?
10-دعوة من “المنتدى الإسلامي الكندي” لسرد الوقائع دون تخويف



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