Press statement , Montreal, April 20 2023,
The Canadian Muslim Forum (FMC-CMF) received, with regret, approval of the Quebec Minister of Education official directive in banning Quebec students from praying in public schools. The relevant prayers which were happening at very limited times for few minutes, at the break periods outside the schools’ lessons hours and with the permission of the administrations.
This negative step increases the unfortunate impression that Quebec students are singled out for their cultural and ethnic backgrounds based on which their basic rights have been infringed.
Moreover, this approach puts once again the educational environment within the political polarization in Quebec and in the circle of societal tension by imposing on Quebec students’ strong feeling of inferiority, injustice, and double standards.
In this regard, the FMC-CMF strongly condemns the smear campaign by some media outlets against Quebec Muslim society and the hate Islamophobic rhetoric in social media that followed the ministry of education directive.
FMC-CMF calls on all political parties in Quebec to work together to unify society and not to over targeting its students and youth and by giving the support and the green light impression for such directions.

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